Start with the OCRAS

We recommend that service managers start with the OCRAS. You can delegate this to relevant staff working in service development, or quality and safety.

How to use the OCRAS effectively

The OCRAS builds on the National Cultural Competency Tool (NCCT) For Mental Health Services released in 2010. This tool is specifically designed to support the development of culturally responsive practice at an organisational level. The OCRAS is a web-based self assessment that generates scores based on responses provided by registered participants into a secure online portal. The OCRAS is useful for mental health organisations/services in the public, private and community-managed sectors.

How the OCRAS works

Registration ID

Information completed and stored in the OCRAS

MHiMA has access to data on who has registered for the OCRAS. MHiMA does not have access to the individual scores obtained for each cultural competency standard but does have access to the one overall score. This data will be reported as de-identified aggregate data by MHiMA to track changes over time and to enable MHiMA to develop ongoing targeted support strategies.

Individual services developing action plans are also encouraged to discuss and share their information with MHiMA.

MHiMA will maintain organisational confidentiality at all times.


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