ORGANISATIONS - Frequently asked questions OCRAS

How long does the OCRAS take?

The process generally takes a few hours to complete, but this depends on the size and complexity of the organisation and the availability of information.

Are the results and information supplied confidential?

The assessment score for each of the eight cultural competency standards and internal evidence uploaded on the scale are strictly confidential and can only be accessed by the user. Data will be kept and maintained securely to ensure confidentiality is not compromised.

All data collections are run with a secure certificate to ensure data transmission to and from the server is encrypted. The facilities and management procedures have been subject to review for certification under the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSDF) and the Information Security Manual (ISM). 

What information is accessible by MHiMA?

MHiMA will be able to access the demographic data provided upon registration as well as the total score generated by the completion of the OCRAS. MHiMA will not make this information public and will only use de-identified aggregate data to inform their policy development and implementation.

How will the OCRAS benefit my organisation?

The OCRAS will assist your organisation to evaluate its level of cultural responsiveness in service delivery to CALD consumers and carers. It will also help you track progress over time, and develop strategies tailored to the level of need within your organisation.

How can the results of the OCRAS be used?

The scores obtained under each of the eight cultural competency standards will highlight which areas of your organisation should be prioritised for action. The overall score obtained will be one of three levels of achievement: entry, developing or advanced. This score will help your organisation engage with the Framework’s strategies at the appropriate level for your organisation.

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