ORGANISATIONS - Implementation guide -Three levels of achievement

The Framework provides implementation strategies and outcome indicators at three different levels of achievement. These will all help service managers and workers improve the cultural responsiveness of their service and practice.

Entry Level

This level reflects an awareness and understanding of culturally responsive mental health service delivery and practice, and a commitment to further development. Organisations may have demonstrated occasional examples of good practice; however an integrated approach still needs to be developed.

Developing Level

This level reflects a proactive approach to the implementation of culturally responsive services. Organisations at this level demonstrate culturally targeted approaches and strategies, specialist skill development in culturally inclusive practice and the integration of cultural responsiveness into systems and practice. Achievement at this level reflects a move away from ‘one-off’ examples, towards an approach that allocates time and resources to create sustained change.

Advanced Level

This level is achieved when organisations are considered leaders within the field of cultural responsiveness in mental health service delivery and practice. Cultural responsiveness is integrated and embedded as core business and routine evaluation informs service improvements to meet the needs of CALD consumers and carers.

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